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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Either/Or: The Schools


You decide.

Okay, so seriously. I got my money back from American today. I sent in an appeal because it is not nearly enough. In addition to a $5,500 loan I will have to come up with an extra $18,794 a year. That's pretty much impossible. If the appeal comes through, I might be able to make it, but with hella loans.

On the other hand, Maryland should come up with some good money. Even if they don't, there's a chance I could come out with a minimal, or even ZERO loans. This is a big selling point.

On top of this I started looking for apartments and found University View. Apparently these are the brand new apartments that are RIGHT BY the campus.

* Dedicated University View shuttle buses through the University of Maryland Campus
* Walking Bridge directly from University View to the University of Maryland campus
* Pool and terrace with campus view
* 24 hour, 7 day a week concierge service
* Club room with pool tables, big screen TV and fooseball
* Directly linked to extensive jogging/biking trail system
* Fitness Center
* Internet café
* Wifi in common areas
* Study center
* Vending / snack stop
* Parking options
* Electronic access
* Telephone entry system
* Trash chute and garbage removal included
* Bicycle storage with electronic key access

Suite rent includes

* Full size washer and dryer in each suite
* Hi speed internet included
* Direct TV included
* Telephone ready
* Basic utilities included
* Independent heat and air conditioning in each unit
* Electronic keyed access
* Access to University View amenities with pre-opening lease sign-up
* Furnished suite which includes:
o Stylish full size bed
o Desk with drawer
o Desk chair designed with students in mind
o Dresser
o Nightstand
Living room
o Couch
o Overstuffed chair
o Coffee table
o Entertainment center
o End table
o 24"x 48" dining table
o 4 kitchen chairs designed for students
o Well planned cabinets and counter space
* Kitchen appliances which include
o Automatic ice maker with refrigerator
o Full size microwave
o Stove
o Full-size sink with garbage disposer
o Automatic dishwasher

Okay, so we know that that's awesome. The 2 bedroom 2 bath is $735 a month. In all, this comes out to a little bit more than room and board (including cost of food). That's pretty awesome I think.

Now compare that to AU:

And after all that, the next most important thing is academics. Maryland definitely has a lot of choices. Everyone knows it. AU...not everybody knows about it. Both are climbing, but Maryland is a lot harder to get into these days - it requires a 1250 SAT to get into. They definitely have what I want in terms of academics, especially in terms of options with academics.

AU has awesome Multimedia type things, and they're okay with Studio Art. I don't really know about Maryland, but I still think it's comparable.

My counselor said I should go to UMD instead. He said it's definitely comparable to AU, and is more bang for the buck. Who knows what I could do with the extra money? It would make things easier: I could go on summer trips, possibly have better chances of making my technological lifestyle a bit more-so, and most importantly, have money when I go into whatever field it is where I'll not be making much money.

So what do you think? AU or UMD? Let me know.


Altogether (without even knowing money from UMD) it will cost about $18k to go there, books, housing, tuition, transportation, all that. With knowing money (for now) it will cost about $23k to go to AU.

So $18k without knowing aid.
$23k with knowing aid.

Oh and UMD is #56 in the rankings, versus AU at #86. UMD is only four below Pepperdine.


Anonymous lois said...

nooo dont leave me!!!!

8:32 PM  
Blogger Jessi said...

sounds a lot like you'd rather go to umd. do what you want.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOO, Your soo lucky to get in on first try to transfer, I still have to wait another year. If I was in your spot I would be dam happy to go to American University. - Lily

11:56 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

AU is just incredibly expensive. And alas, I have made my decision. But you can all come enjoy the view from my pseudo-penthouse suite.

5:37 PM  

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