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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Blog

I've moved to Movable Type.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Copyright is cool!

I thought that this was interesting. The copyright symbol has been popping up all over the place online, and not in the places you would expect. It seems that that the letter C with a circle around it has become cool enough to grace the IM profiles of many a college student. I display two examples of this below:

I'd love to know what the copyfight people have to say about this. Is all your work for naught? Is copyright *gulp* a FAD!?

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Decision

I have made my decision. In the fall of 2005 I will become a student at the University of Maryland - College Park.

And my parents made their decision about the apartment.

I will have the most amazing apartment ever. Two bedroom suite on one of the top floors. I'm planning on doing a lot of shopping over the next two months. I want some prints, kitchen things, plants. I'm excited times infinity.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Either/Or: The Schools


You decide.

Okay, so seriously. I got my money back from American today. I sent in an appeal because it is not nearly enough. In addition to a $5,500 loan I will have to come up with an extra $18,794 a year. That's pretty much impossible. If the appeal comes through, I might be able to make it, but with hella loans.

On the other hand, Maryland should come up with some good money. Even if they don't, there's a chance I could come out with a minimal, or even ZERO loans. This is a big selling point.

On top of this I started looking for apartments and found University View. Apparently these are the brand new apartments that are RIGHT BY the campus.

* Dedicated University View shuttle buses through the University of Maryland Campus
* Walking Bridge directly from University View to the University of Maryland campus
* Pool and terrace with campus view
* 24 hour, 7 day a week concierge service
* Club room with pool tables, big screen TV and fooseball
* Directly linked to extensive jogging/biking trail system
* Fitness Center
* Internet café
* Wifi in common areas
* Study center
* Vending / snack stop
* Parking options
* Electronic access
* Telephone entry system
* Trash chute and garbage removal included
* Bicycle storage with electronic key access

Suite rent includes

* Full size washer and dryer in each suite
* Hi speed internet included
* Direct TV included
* Telephone ready
* Basic utilities included
* Independent heat and air conditioning in each unit
* Electronic keyed access
* Access to University View amenities with pre-opening lease sign-up
* Furnished suite which includes:
o Stylish full size bed
o Desk with drawer
o Desk chair designed with students in mind
o Dresser
o Nightstand
Living room
o Couch
o Overstuffed chair
o Coffee table
o Entertainment center
o End table
o 24"x 48" dining table
o 4 kitchen chairs designed for students
o Well planned cabinets and counter space
* Kitchen appliances which include
o Automatic ice maker with refrigerator
o Full size microwave
o Stove
o Full-size sink with garbage disposer
o Automatic dishwasher

Okay, so we know that that's awesome. The 2 bedroom 2 bath is $735 a month. In all, this comes out to a little bit more than room and board (including cost of food). That's pretty awesome I think.

Now compare that to AU:

And after all that, the next most important thing is academics. Maryland definitely has a lot of choices. Everyone knows it. AU...not everybody knows about it. Both are climbing, but Maryland is a lot harder to get into these days - it requires a 1250 SAT to get into. They definitely have what I want in terms of academics, especially in terms of options with academics.

AU has awesome Multimedia type things, and they're okay with Studio Art. I don't really know about Maryland, but I still think it's comparable.

My counselor said I should go to UMD instead. He said it's definitely comparable to AU, and is more bang for the buck. Who knows what I could do with the extra money? It would make things easier: I could go on summer trips, possibly have better chances of making my technological lifestyle a bit more-so, and most importantly, have money when I go into whatever field it is where I'll not be making much money.

So what do you think? AU or UMD? Let me know.


Altogether (without even knowing money from UMD) it will cost about $18k to go there, books, housing, tuition, transportation, all that. With knowing money (for now) it will cost about $23k to go to AU.

So $18k without knowing aid.
$23k with knowing aid.

Oh and UMD is #56 in the rankings, versus AU at #86. UMD is only four below Pepperdine.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


That's Nestopia from Quicksilver.

And that's Nestopia for real.

It's an awesome NES emulator. There are a lot of good ROMs out there. But I'm trying to think of this game that dealt with jeeps and rescuing POWs. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Heathen PC users go here for it.

I plan on posting more about USB enabled Atari and NES controllers. Sounds good. I will invest in some.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Big Picture Film

This has got to be one of the coolest projects by anyone in school that I've ever seen. I think we should all pay attention to this kid, Kevin Fitzpatrick.

His masterpiece - The Big Picture Film.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Free Culture

I've been given an offer to help out with redesigning the Free Culture website. Anyone that knows where my interests lie will know that this is a HUGE deal for me. Free Culture originally came from the book of the same name by Lawrence Lessig, whom I met at the Library of Congress. After his book made huge waves, some bright students at Swarthmore got the idea to create an international student movement out of it. Hopefully I can help start a chapter up at AU if I end up going.

If anyone has any ideas for where I can take the design, let me know. I need some direction here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Wandering Into a Strange Russian Movie Syndrome

Over the weekend I decided to take a trip to the National Gallery in DC. I went with my friend Evelina, a multimedia student at American University, and a native of Lithuania. The day started off rather odd. There were two highly excitable Russian men on the 'Metpo' who were talking very excitedly in Russian. Evelina, of course, has a very heavy Lithuanian accent. After quickly moving through the Renaissance we headed into the East Wing, where we made fun of the Russian Mark Rothko. We decided then to wander into whatever short flick they were showing in the auditorium nearby. Over two hours later, it dawned on me that I had just witnessed something very strange. That something was Kira Muratova's The Asthenic Syndrome.

Muratova, the film's director, said in 1990 that, 'Every time I am asked what the film is about, I reply, quite honestly, "It's about everything."' I'd agree that that's a pretty fair assessment. After 40 minutes of a black and white film within a film, the movie suddenly segways into the lives of several very strange individuals. 'Asthenia' is the word for loss of strength, which makes sense when you see what all of the characters in the movie go through. They alternate back and forth between detachment and passivity to extreme aggressiveness. At one point the hero of the film falls asleep on the 'Metpo' due to his detachment. But at other times there is a lot of violence (not much real heavy violence, more the slapping around kind). Thrown in are some little bits about animal abuse and the like.

Overall I suppose it was a very good film. Excellent for describing post-Communist Russia, but also a very good (or bad) commentary on the human condition. I just found it very odd that the one time I walk into the theatre I see that exact film at that exact time. It may be the last time its played in DC for quite awhile, but I certainly hope not.

And, of course, the whole ride back home I listened to the banter of two very irate Ukrainian men. The boy from Texas felt out of place.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Organizing Clutter

Organizing Clutter
Originally uploaded by Josh Smith.
I decided to re-organize clutter. Lots of album art involved. Lots of music. Plenty of good times.

Anyone who loves music and art should automatically get a Mac. No question about it.

Don't Panic

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy only sucks.

I probably should've listened to Slashdot and their short but simple blurb on it.

The BBC's review can be summed up in one sentence: '... somewhere in the production process the crew has lost sight of the fundamental aspect of the books - they were immensely funny."