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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google goes RSS

As Slashdot is reporting, Google seems to be going the way of RSS within Gmail. While this is great for people that would like this (including me), some worry about the advertising problems that RSS could entail.

But rather than making advertising more of a hassle, it could possibly make advertising/subscription-free sites a lot better. As a personal lover of the New Yorker magazine, I wish they'd have started going with RSS feeds a long time ago. Add to that the possibility of having an entire online-only ad free user base, who can even get more New Yorker style material, and you'd have quite a few interested buyers, poor college students like me included.

I think RSS means many good things to come for the internet. Those who don't go the way of RSS should be outcasts, the dark fringes of an otherwise clean internet. Who says capitalism has to be a bad thing?


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